The vision of liberal education, the presence of arts and…

The vision of liberal education, the presence of arts and humanities at the university was a Christian vision to study all truth as God’s truth for the mental, spiritual and moral transformation and for truth to be its guide. However with a decline of Christian values in the modern materialistic world that sees education merely as a means to a materialistic end of a livelihood, a job or industrial and corporate interest in technological control achieved through knowledge capital investment by which their grip on the economy is tightened will see the flourishing of technical courses such as AI and quantum computing but the humanities will struggle to exist. Therefore I invite Christian academics to join this group whose functions will be, to serve the church in helping the church to think in Christ like ways about all things. This will require the following functions of the group

1. To identify issues on the intellectual front-line that has attracted very less Christian responses and publish Christian scholarly responses.

2. To identify issues at the popular level that have not been put to thorough scrutiny of Christian thought and address them at both fronts, publish scholarly articles addressing them and to make a public engagement of the same through Christian public ministries.

Who am I : I’m a young Christian academic. My published scholarly articles you may find on my google scholar page. While I am not writing scientific research articles, I write Christian academic research articles and some you may find indexed on my google scholar page and some are yet to be indexed, for example, I just received acceptance on a article from the Journal of Theology and Science, Taylor and Francis and it is still awaiting post production check list so such articles are yet to be indexed.

And this is my Channel of Christian Theology for All

So what do we plan to do : We will have a virtual work environment on slack with three groups to accomplish the mission statement given above. We will have a philosophy group, a history group and a Christian Theology group. I will be there to coordinate the efforts of the group, to ensure we are fulfilling our vision and mission statement. We will prefer those are are familiar with the academic and research methodologies of scholarly attack of a problem : To quickly get up to speed on any topic by going from latest books published in the area, to monographs, to review papers, to conference proceedings and latest specialized papers published in the area. While this legwork will be mostly done by young scholars such as myself, we would love for the presence of some senior Christian academics who though even if they do not wish to do the heavy-lifting right now, have done the same in their day and whose experience we could definitely profit in our scholarly journey. Secondly, even if you are not a academic but identify with the vision and feel that you wish to contribute, you can join us as a trainee and we will assign you reading lists to bring you up to speed on the specialization you are most inclined to and assign to work closely with academic groups so that you get yourself familiarized with academic methods. Therefore if you are interested, you can direct message me or respond in the comments section with your academic background, interest and email so that I can send you an invite to join our slack virtual work forum.

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