This is a discussion group about the End Times that…

This is a discussion group about the End Times that relies on God’s Word , Not man’s teaching O:)
Open to pre-trib , mid-trib , post -trib / pre- wrath : Just show God’s Word with All posts. Lets all agree to get along as brothers and sisters in Jesus <3 "I am limiting Video post to ONE a day . Also please outline what your Video is about and include God's Word with your Video Post" . Limit Post to Two a day , include God's Word and limit to a 5 min. read , Thanks for your cooperation Also no bad words or anti- Israel Posts , be Respectful to others , stay on topic. Those comments will be deleted. <3 Don't report a post to facebook , report it to a Admin. , NO Blocking Admins or you will be Removed from Group Group Admins are Craig Theisen , Debbie Neil Thacker , Postlewait Kathleen , Jackie Dickerson

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26 thoughts on “This is a discussion group about the End Times that…

  1. Keith Henley says:

    To all you Christians out there who say you are if Jesus raptures us before the tribulation then who is the devil fighting nobody but there was a great war it’s in Revelations we created this mess we did we hate each other

  2. Keith Henley says:

    There were thousands of children killed in world war II thousands where was God didn’t do it I believe in God I believe in Jesus and I believe in the holy Spirit but people please don’t think that something we create on this Earth ain’t we ain’t going to pay for it

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