This is a discussion group about the End Times that…

This is a discussion group about the End Times that relies on God’s Word , Not man’s teaching O:)
Open to pre-trib , mid-trib , post -trib / pre- wrath : Just show God’s Word with All posts. Lets all agree to get along as brothers and sisters in Jesus <3 "I am limiting Video post to ONE a day . Also please outline what your Video is about and include God's Word with your Video Post" . Limit Post to Two a day , include God's Word and limit to a 5 min. read , Thanks for your cooperation Also no bad words or anti- Israel Posts , be Respectful to others , stay on topic. Those comments will be deleted. <3 Don't report a post to facebook , report it to a Admin. , NO Blocking Admins or you will be Removed from Group Group Admins are Craig Theisen , Debbie Neil Thacker , Postlewait Kathleen , Jackie Dickerson

26 comments on This is a discussion group about the End Times that…

  1. To all you Christians out there who say you are if Jesus raptures us before the tribulation then who is the devil fighting nobody but there was a great war it’s in Revelations we created this mess we did we hate each other

  2. There were thousands of children killed in world war II thousands where was God didn’t do it I believe in God I believe in Jesus and I believe in the holy Spirit but people please don’t think that something we create on this Earth ain’t we ain’t going to pay for it

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