Thoughts and memories of Mexico…

I’m leaving Mexico in the morning…heading home. It’s been a week or so and I’m ready to get home. I’ll only be home a few days before I leave for Orlando and my Covenant Retreat.

Mexico has been a good trip.

My lunch with David Ramirez today was good. David and I have a good friendship and in some ways we are alike. David is an “idea” man and I love his heart for Big Ideas and his 20/20 vision for Latin America is inspiring. Through David, I’m seeing the world in Latin America and while I don’t fully yet appreciate what God may be doing through me, I have developed some good friendships.

Saw Othniel Collins this trip and seeing him reminds me of days when Honduras was a big part of my life. I still love the place intently and I’m going to plan a trip there in 2012. I want to see some friends and check on places where we have labored.

I met Paul and Kim Dyar on this trip and I’m glad I did. They represent what God is doing in raising up new generation leaders and placing them in strategic places. Paul and Kim are presently living in Roatan where he is Eastern Territorial Overseer and also Belize National Overseer and he is pastoring French Harbor. With four kids, they are overwhelmed. I plan to pray for him and to help him raise some funds. While South America is our state vision, I believe God is connecting me to some others for a kingdom reason. I can help Paul and just a little help would be huge.

I met Bobby Lynch who is apparently the project manager for South American church planting. He is from California and I met him first at the Camp Meeting this past summer. He will be joining us for the trip in November in Ecuador. He seems like a very good and humble leader. AGain, a new face but one that I think God wanted me to meet.

Cancun is beautiful. It is the kind of place I would love to live in…although I want to remain in the USA. The ocean environment close but an urban city with plenty of opportunity for experiences and adventure, as well as world-class airport for international travel.

I’m humbled to be here.
Thankful for the connections I made.
Ready to come home.