Top Ten Things to Do Today (are tomorrow)

Top Ten Things to Do Today (are tomorrow)

I had a little fun throughout the day compiling a list on my twitter account of the top ten thing to do today.  I thought I’d share them just so I could see them all together.  Twitter drives a preacher crazy – you can’t be long-winded on twitter :)

Who knows, perhaps this is a list worth repeating.



  1. Read Proverbs 17 (or the Proverb chapter of the day) and highlight all the verses about communication.  (Successful people have learned to communicate well.)
  2. List the top three things that you MUST do today and then stay relentlessly focused on them unto they are completed.  (Sustained focus = success)
  3. Do something to honor the most important person in your life.  (Showing love is good / showing honor elevates your relationship to an entirely different level)
  4. Do something to raise the “joy factor” for those around you. / keep it fun! (Happy people are productive people.)
  5. Call a respected elder and ask for any advice that they would be willing to give. (Proverbs 8:3)
  6. Eat a wise lunch!  Brain food; not nap food.  The afternoon is won or lost over lunch.
  7. Take time to feed your soul by reading your Bible.  A great app is
  8. Take a stretch (a mini Sabbath) – you’re not a machine; you were meant to work & rest.  This will help you refocus and finish strong.
  9. When you get home use this phrase often – “What do you think?”  It is amazing what happens when we stop telling and start asking.
  10. Do something this evening that delights you.  Life was not meant to be all duty, drudgery and danger – relax, rejoice and rest!