Jesus Moving in Muslim World Through Dreams, Visions

As a missionary, Tom Doyle has made dozens of trips to the Middle East. But when he first heard the stories of God working in a supernatural way there, he had trouble believing them. Then, in the words of one of his friends, “God showed me that m... »

Beaty Releases Book on Church of God Founder R.G. Spurling

Beaty Releases Book on Church of God Founder R.G. Spurling

A new book about Church of God founder R.G. Spurling was released during the recent Church of God International General Assembly in Orlando, Fla. Written by Dr. James M. Beaty, R.G. Spurling and the Early History of the Church of God explores the life ... »

Religious Freedom Reigns in Texas School Flier Showdown

A Texas elementary school teacher was standing in the way of little children meeting Jesus. But a religious freedom lawsuit has caused the school to rethink its policy. A teacher had denied a Hillcrest Elementary School third-grader permission to invit... »

D-Day Landing Prayer Read on US Senate Floor

The D-Day Landing Prayer Act took center stage on the U.S. Senate floor on Wednesday. Sen. Rob Portman and Sen. Joseph Lieberman jointly read the bill, along with the entire prayer President Franklin Delano Roosevelt prayed with the nation the morning ... »