‘No Religion’ Third World Group After Christians, Muslims

People with no religious affiliation make up the third-largest global group in a new study of the size of the world’s faiths, placing after Christians and Muslims and just before Hindus. The study, based on extensive data for the year 2010, also showed Islam and Hinduism are the faiths mostly likely to expand in the [...] »

L.A. Revival Erupts at Bonnie Brae Street After 100 Years

On Friday night, December 14, 2012, the Los Angeles Revival broke out on Bonnie Brae Street with ecstatic utterances, slaying in the Spirit, violent quaking, the laying on of hands by Evangelist Verna Linzey who was the keynote speaker and minister, cr... »

Bomb Threat Adds Alarm to Grief at Connecticut Church

What began as a peaceful and solemn remembrance for victims of the Connecticut shooting massacre was shattered on Sunday by a telephoned bomb threat that forced the evacuation of a Roman Catholic church, deepening the distress of a town in mourning. Th... »

Sandy Hook Shooting: Is It About Banning Guns Or Banning God?

As the nation mourns and asks how could something like the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting happen, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has an idea: It’s because God is absent from our schools. While speaking with Fox New’s Neil Cavuto, Huckabee answered the question, “How could God let this happen?” by saying, “We’ve systematically removed [...] »