Something To Hold On To

Today, the breeze became a little warmer,the winds shifting - no longer bringing the icy airfrom the barren landscapes above,but a warmer air, full of life,from the tropics below.This is what hope feels like:The moment you finally step out of the pain,and into the realization that things really will be okay,life really will go on,and there is a still a place for you in it.This is a beautiful reali... »


Tumbling.That's the feeling.Like life is flinging you down the hill faster, and more violently,the longer it goes.Sick to your stomach in nauseated dizziness,you half-heartedly pray for it to end.At least until you realize what that means;until you realize that the chaos of this hill is all you have to hold on to.In these alternating patches of grass and bare dirt,lies the only legacy yo... »

I Just Keep Walking

I decided to not look.I kept my eyes frozen on the path ahead of me,ignoring the temptation to inflict upon my brainanother sad memory of what could never be.I sighed - deeply,from the depths of my disease riddled lungs.I shuffled my feet and began to hum.Long ago, I refused to buy in to the liethat true happiness is found inthe things I don't have.I came to the conclusion that real joyis found in... »

From Death to Life

Reduced to tears,She sits in the center of a hallway.Trying, with all of her strength,To let go of a dream.Clinging to the hope of its fulfillment,Not understanding the reality of its death.Have you ever had to bury a dream?Have you experienced the pain ofKnowing the tomorrow you so longed forWould never come to pass?Through a small window, she watchesAs a young blue jay delicately balancesOn the ... »