Stuck in the Mud

The first time I jumped on my shiny, yellow steed, I promptly popped one of the back tires. You’d think there should be some sort of “new lawnmower” aura that makes the rubber slash proof. But I can assure you that as soon as you pry apart the crate from your Cub Cadet wonder, the…Read more Stuck in the Mud »

4 Surprising Reasons You Need Church (and Church Needs You)

This isn’t that article that simply tells you what the Bible says about going to church and then expects you to run to the nearest pew. Sure, God’s got a bunch to say about why you should join with other believers on a regular basis, and they’re all solid reasons. Read those articles first. But…Read more 4 Surprising Reasons You Need Church (and Church Needs You) »

Open Letter: No, Mr. Cook, Being Gay Isn’t a Gift from God—But Something Much Greater Is

Mr. Tim Cook 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA  95014 You don’t know me. I’m not a CEO, a tech guy, an actor, or a politician. I’m a writer with a blog (not many of those around, eh?). But I’ve been following your work for a while. Back in the late ‘90s, I’d finally had enough […] »

Freedom: A Poem

Freedom (Romans 6)   “I’m tired of hiding who I Really am,” he says. And runs in, Arms flailing, head down, free Way down in his mind. They clap, Who stand along the bars. Their Ebullient words echo off The cage—dampened by metal.   He clanks and scrapes the chain snaked Around his ankle. “Now, I’m […] »