Update: 39 Weeks! (Or: OMG this baby is coming out really soon!)

  • How far along: 39 weeks and 2 days!
  • How big is the baby: She’s the size of a watermelon (19-22 inches and 6-9 lbs.) Oh crap.
  • Total weight gain/loss: Thank the Lord I’m pretty much done gaining weight. In fact, I’ll be losing some very soon. Woo!
  • Stretch marks: They haven’t magically disappeared yet, but I have high hopes.
  • Best moment this week: Getting the nursery almost done. And my bathtub cleaned. I know that’s super lame, but it needed a good scrub and I did it. Go me.
  • Food cravings: Still sno cones. And watermelon, but I refuse to pay $6 for a tiny melon from Wal-Mart. So we are going to the Amish farm this weekend in hopes of finding some yummy fruits and veggies for a fraction of the cost. And anything from the Rebel.
  • Gender: Baby girl!
  • Labor signs: Lots of BH contractions. I’m still at 1/2 cent and around 80% effaced. And “soft.” Sorry for all the menfolk who read this.
  • Belly button in or out: Some days it’s in and some days it’s out.
  • Current mood: I’m getting a bit more uncomfortable every day. It certainly could be much worse I’m sure, but I’m reaching the point where I just want to sit and relax and not worry about work or cleaning or organizing every closet in the house or being sure the baseboards are clean and the laundry is done.
  • What I am looking forward to: Saying goodbye to my elephant feet. You think I’m joking, but I’d take morning sickness over swollen feet. I know it sounds vain, but they are the most hideous things. I’m pretty sure those guys at the nail salon made fun of them during my pedi. : (
  • Milestones: I think I’ve hit the pretty major ones with the last one yet to come. Now we’re just waiting on Tessa to decide when she’s ready to meet us.

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