Update on NewJourney

I wanted to give an update of how the new church plant is progressing. First of all thank you to all that have been praying for us and supporting us in this ministry. Without the prayers of our frinds, this would be a difficult thing to undertake.
When we originally started to think of a name for the church, I was leaning towards using the word Oasis in the name. After we moved here, I started to see the name oasis everywhere we went. It was not a name that was used by any churches but by local business. I guess living in a city that is situated on the Chesapeake Bay, one could conclude that the name oasis would be a popular name....Guess I was not really thinking in those terms.

After deciding that I did not want to use a name that was redundant in the community, Angela and I begun to toss around some names for this church. We wanted the name to reflect not only who we were, but also what out purpose was. The way this name came about.........and this is very spiritual...........was that we sat down and we both started writing for 5 minutes nonstop. Anything that crossed our minds was placed on paper. At the end of the 5 minutes we stopped and compared notes.........Let me tell ya, we had some STUPID church names on those notes.

We had such a smorgesboard of names that still did not "feel" right. We started to mix names together and that was really interesting. Some that we put together sounded like either an underwater whorehouse or an uptown amusement park.......... hey, we were tired.

In the end, we came to the name NewJourney. We liked it instantly. One it represents who we are. It represents what we are going to do.......change live. And finally....it did not sound churchy. One thing that we did however, was that we presented the name to different people, just to get their reaction. This proved to be very beneficial. In the end.....NewJourney is the name.

Today was our first bible study and man it was great. We held it in our home and we had 8 people in attendance. 8 may not sound like much but when you have only been here less than 2 months and not knowing anyone..........8 might as well be 80. We will be holding these bible studies every 1st and 3rd Sunday's of the month.

I have put together a series that I have entitled "Who Moved My Church?" This is an indepth study on the New Testament church and if the church today is a model of the Acts 2 church or has it somehow ventured off into it's OWN direction. Continue praying for us as we embark on a NewJourney for Christ.

On a side note...........My lovely wife Angela, has ventured into the world of blogging.....Yes ladies and gentleman, that is scary. She doesn't know how consistent she will be but she will try........... at least several times a week. She is also in the process of starting up something that will open up new doors for her. I will let her share that when she so desires. Feel free to check it out and harass her at anytime you feel so inclined.

Peace Out...............