Vibram – Fivefingers Shoe Review

Vibram – Fivefingers Shoe Review

So in a few weeks, I will be breaking these out for every day wear. For now they are just for walking, hiking, and recreational activities. I introduce you to the future of shoes. Vibram Fivefingers are an innovative new shoe.

Day 1

I just bought my Vibram fivefingers shoes at Great Outdoors Provision. They were definitely love at first fit. I could feel a previous injury as soon as I started walking around, but it felt strangely as if it were stretching it out or massaging it. I am following the guidelines as stated on the tag of the shoes which states, “We recommend wearing Fivefingers for 1-2 hour intervals the first few weeks.” Although my salesman said, “Don’t worry about it.” I decided to listen to reason (my wife) and just wear them to walk the dog at first and then later break them out at work. I might as well, I am the only male teacher at my school, everything I do is weird, anyhow! On my walk tonight, I almos slipped and fell down. Living in the city provides a lot of trash in the streets, I have to be more mindful of the junk more now!

Day 2

I did another short walk with Lucy (my pup) and I did not wear my toe socks this morning. My feet were a little cold, almost frozen. In all fairness even my toes in my Nike Shox get cold on mornings like this! I have started to feel the Fivefingers already to open up the Plantar Fascitis in my left foot. It has been a nasty injury that is quite difficult to overcome, even when I never run, but just walk. I was so excited to put them on this morning, I went and put them on before I did anything else. I am now hoping to get up and wear them tomorrow for a longer walk. Walks are nice, especially since I am limited to walking only for two weeks from my doctor for a separate back issue. I had a little heel pain today, but I am re-learning how to walk (avoiding some cracks as well.)

Day 3

I walked this morning without any socks, it was quite cold. I have noticed my walking stride changing a bit. I am mindful of the balls of my feet. I am feeling many more muscles working than when I walked in my Nike Shox. I really am still enjoying my Fivefingers shoes. A few people saw me post a picture of them on facebook and asked when I would be wearing to them to school. I told them that I would need to break them in some more, or more appropriately break in my feet to stand them. On this day, I almost have no pain in my Plantars Fascitis which is nice. I am a bit overweight and I had a sneaky suspicion that the Fivefingers might do more damage, but there are truly helping my feet feel more solid and strengthened. I am really enjoying them.

Day 4

This morning’s walk continued to be a joy. I decided to walk off the trail a bit more today. I went up some pretty steep inclines and down some as well. Although the shoes have very little tred (4mm), my feet were able to grab the soil. I am feeling more and more like a big ape with four hands, well not quite that bad (yet). I have been talking about them more and more, many people have talked about suffering with foot pain. I wish I could get a few pair thrown my way for people to try out. Come on Vibram – send me a few pairs of Fivefingers.

Day 5

I am planning a longer hike on a unpaved trail. I will post later if anyone is still interested…