Voices of Lee Advance, Old Navy Celebrates.

Los Angeles, California

In an unexpected turn of events, Voices of Lee have advanced to the season finale of NBC’s “The Singoff”.

“Look” said an ecstatic Danny Murray, the groups director, “No one is more surprised than I am. From the very beginning, I never saw this group of kids going very far in life. I’m sure we’re all a little shocked.”

One item worth noting during the competition has been the group’s wardrobe, which appears to have been taken directly from Old Navy’s Winter catalog.

While sources have not been confirmed as to the exclusivity of the Voices wardrobe contract, one top-level Old Navy exec who spoke with The Insurrectionist off the record said, “Let’s just say we’re a little excited. Watching those kids singing Michael Jackson songs while wearing Old Navy 2009 action fleece brought a tear to my eye.”

For now America can only hold it’s breath to see if the Voices will show up on Monday sporting Argyle Crew-Knit Sweaters or matching Cable-Knit Cardigans.