What’s happening with the Canton Campus?

What’s happening with the Canton Campus?

Tons! I’m glad you asked.

We host our first Launch Team event this weekend with a cookout near the school we’ll call home. I’m excited for us to get together for the first time. Since our Information Meetings in July we have had more than 130 people join the Launch Team and say “I’m in”. That blows me away! I can’t wait to see what these passionate people can do together for the Canton community.

Out of that group of people we have started building our ministry teams for Children, Media, Guest Services, Worship, Small Groups and Students. We are working toward our first preview service in October, and we want to be as fully staffed for these ministries as possible for that day. We will launch Life Groups in September as well.

We are taking some people from our team on visits to a couple of portable churches over the next few weeks. We will visit a few that are local and we will also be making a trip together to visit the last remaining portable Elevation campus to get a larger perspective. I’m excited to let some of our crew see what is possible in a portable setting.

A few of us attending an event on Saturday and gave some things out regarding the campus. It was amazing to hear the number of people that already knew we were coming.

There’s only 144 days until we open our doors to Canton. I can’t wait.