What Are People Thinking?

I just came in after a really hectic and stressful day to grab a cup of coffee and chill for a few minutes before running back out. As I said, I'm stressed, so maybe it is my attitude... and if so, I will apologize. But I returned a couple of phone calls and then checked my email and then checked out what was happening on Facebook. And this is where I got myself in a bad mood. There were a number of friends on my list who had changed their profile pics, and some of them just jumped out at me. I was on the phone with a friend and I said to him, "What in God's name are these people thinking?"  He asked what I was talking about and I said that picture after picture was so trashy that they might as well be gracing the cover of "Sluts Are Us" magazine.  He started laughing, but I said that I did not think it is funny at all. I cannot figure out why any woman/girl would post any picture of themselves that makes them look so trashy and cheap. It infuriates me. Especially when so many of these women/girls are supposed to be Christians, but for any woman. Do you honestly believe that any man with an ounce of integrity or honor wants a woman like that to spend his life with? They don't want someone that they think everyone else has had a go with, or even looks that way. As a single man, many will certainly use you in a heart beat, but trust me, when it is time to settle down, they want the "un-used" variety. 

Women... young ladies... PLEASE do not cheapen yourself like this! I don't say any of this to hurt you or to sound judgmental. I'm sincerely trying to help you and I hope some of you will listen and stop trying to look like some floozy of the river front district thinking you are going to win you a man. You better believe there will be guys drooling over those pictures and you, if you all allow them... but they are dogs on the prowl, not men looking for a mate. Keep that in mind.