What Are We Giving?

I was sitting in service Sunday night listening to the evangelist that is with us this week, and the thought dropped in my spirit "if you are not giving all, you are not giving at all." I have played that over and over in my mind since then. What a powerful concept. I believe that many in our churches, and I am guilty of this, are giving some but not all. Perhaps we may even be giving most of ourselves, but if we are not giving our all, then we are giving nothing. Our example is Jesus. The Bible teaches us that He came and gave His all, His whole life, on the cross so that all who believed in Him, would have life. Jesus gave all. The Bible also teaches us to totally deny ourselves in becoming His disciples. Maybe today you are giving Him your Sunday but not your Monday. Maybe you are giving your time, but not your money. Maybe you are giving your stuff, but not your self. He wants it all. My time, my energy, my stuff, my money, everything that I have and that I am, He wants it. Thats what it means for Him to be Lord. If He is not your Lord, then you are living in rebellion and rebellion is sin. Give Him your all today.......STEP Forward!