What Bible Have You Been Reading?

I started to just let this go without any comment, but I just can't. Twice today there have been people post negative things on Facebook about our upcoming revival which starts Sunday. I don't know who, but someone else had apparently sent invitations to these two women to come to the revival. First, I have no idea if these two women know each other or even if the same person invited them both. But the the first comment was posted  on the Event Page for the revival that "this stuff is not my cup of tea."  I came really close to making a post to ask what about it they did not agree with, but I just left it alone. Actually, I deleted the comment rather than allow it to become something to draw a debate on that page.  Any way, a few hours later, another woman made a post on that page, saying that they did not believe in all this "miracle crap" or that God healed people the way that was shown in the video I posted. They further stated that God wanted us to behave ourselves in church and sit politely and reverently and listen to the music and preaching. She went on to say that this dancing and laughing and waving flags like she heard we did at Harvest Church was completely non-Biblical and that she even questioned if we were Christians at all.  Again, I deleted the comment, but I've been chewing on this now for an hour or more, and I cannot keep my mouth shut. I don't know if this woman knows me or frequents my blog, but I hope she sees or hears about this and gets this message.

In all sincerely and honesty and with love, ma'am, I would like to ask you what Bible you have been reading? For that matter, do you read your Bible? Have you read in the Bible where Jesus laid hands on the sick and they were healed? Have you read where he told us that we were to be doing the very same thing? Have you ever read the Psalms and how they worshiped God with the loud instruments, with dancing and shouts of joy?  Have you ever read any of this? You live in Knoxville, just a 5 minute drive from our church. I invite you to come and check it out for yourself and then tell me what part of what we do in worship and prayer is not in the Bible. For that matter, bring your friends. Bring YOUR pastor, and he is welcome to point out to me where we are in error. I am open to discussion and learning. The question is: "Are you?"  If I can show you in the Word of God, everything we do, will you accept it and admit your hateful allegations were off base? If I were to introduce you to a young woman who was deaf in one ear and was healed in our church... or if I introduced you to another young woman who doctors have confirmed has miraculously been healed of severe liver damage... what would you say to these things? 

I wish I had written the names of these women down, but if any of my readers know who they were, please direct them to this blog. Please give them my phone number. I'd love to sit and examine the Word of God with them and let's just see what God's Word, not some denomination says.