What do you think of this? Regardless of your views,…

What do you think of this?

Regardless of your views, please be kind and gentle to each other. Christ didn’t die for us to attack one another. Feel free to disagree, but do so graciously.

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  1. Social Justice forcibly takes from those who have and redistributes wealth according to a subjective human standard. It is not biblical.

    Christian charity comes from a Divine influence of the Holy Spirit on the inner being. It is a voluntary act of the will submitted to biblical instruction to care for the poor and is not coerced.

    Any church that does not have a Deacon’s Fund or some way of aiding those who need help is not a biblical church.

  2. If Christians are voting for Conservative governments they are not voting for social justice

  3. In a literal sense, I very much agree. Churches should proactively help the poor, the downtrodden, addicts and prostitutes.

    That said, “social justice” has specific progressive/leftist connotations these days. Churches certainly shouldn’t try to keep “the youth” by kowtowing to modern, earthly ideologies that often run counter to Christianity.

  4. Why do you think young Christian believers are leaving the Church in droves? They hear Jesus heal and care fir the sick and homeless,the least of these, and yet the Church does very poorly at doing it.

  5. Social justice has taken on a bad connotation due to political correctness, cancel culture, intersectionality and outrage culture. All of that aside, the true biblical church has always taught against hatred and bigotry in any form. and if they failed to do this, then you need to find a different church. The younger generation should also be taught the concept of where all true justice comes from and how ultimately, wether we see it here or not, God’s justice will prevail. Essentially modern social justice movements are people who live by conviction but are unable to identify where their convictions come from in the first place. Nor are they taking care to spread their convictions in a loving an graceful manner, which is really no surprise since they argue a “moral” law minus the moral law giver.

  6. The Bible offers us kingdom Justice, not social justice. Justice and Righteous only come through Christ Jesus. Jesus warned against trying to be friends to the world. The world loves its own but hates Christ!

  7. “Going to seek a concept of social justice” ok, what does that mean, exactly? They are going to try to define their own means of social justice or seek a true definition? What does justice look like in God’s eyes? (Micah 6:8) Compare that to the demands of social justice: does this seem to reflect God’s heart on true justice?

    Enter in the Gospel highlighting God as the righteous Judge and merciful Father that He is.

  8. So Christians are leaving the church if the church fails to conform to prevailing marxist culture? Lol aren’t churches closed right now due to societal mandates?

  9. Then show me in the Scriptures Jesus and the Apostles defended social justice, the only way to change people ie. social justice is the way Jesus did and that is to change hearts with the gospel, that is the only way it will happen

  10. .
    What is believed to be “social justice” is also an idea that can be perverted and can be and is used as a tool for political manipulation.

    It comes across in messages that sound like this: “Vote for us and we’ll fix your world. We know that the way the well off live causes you to have to suffer through the way you have to live.”

    It is simply a technique to tell someone that they are not responsible for the consequences of their or others’ behavior.

    Reality is harsh and many live better than others.

    It is not the responsibility of Christians to “fix” the reality of others, but it is a Christian’s responsibility to help others through their reality.
    This is in the fashion of Leviticus 19:17 >> correct others’ behavior or you share in their guilt <<, which is the verse before the love others verse, 19:18. Many are also oppressed by the consequences of their or others' behavior. (For example think single mothers here.)

  11. Jesus healed the sick and literally made food for the hungry. Yet he didn’t romanticize and sensationalize the cultural or political nuances of feeding and healing.

    (which our current young culture is obsessed with. They are obsessed with ideologies of rights & pluralism)

    He came to testify to the truth and speak of another kingdom.

    The healing and feeding He did were natural to His greater purpose. It’s not our greatest calling, but it is within the whole commission.

  12. I’m concerned that social justice isn’t justice, but maybe I’m wrong. My question — how is social justice different or distinct from justice?

  13. Somehow, social justice seems to me to imply God’s not seeing to justice on earth and man has to do “IT”. A LIE.

  14. I believe your correct, but people, young or old need to learn how to work for social justice, combined with intense prayer. Young people feel “they” have to fix things and “they” are the only ones to do it. The riots in the 60’s didn’t bring about civil rights, it was Dr. Kings strength, his passive disobedience, his words and his prayers. I was a young woman then, the riots caused intense anger, and by themselves would have caused more harm than good, but Dr King made people, listen, and truly see the injustice. He never harmed anyone in word or deed, and to bring true social change you need to make others see you exactly like as they see themselves. That will never happen with riots or looting. It can only happen when we can really identify with those we think of as on “the other side.” We will never change everybody, but we can change one person, who can influence one more person etc.

  15. I am a social service student at a Christian University in Canada. The main focus of my program is learning how the world deals with things, and how we as Christians should deal with things.

    Many think that Christians and Social justice do not go together, but they do and it is important as Christians to have a strong biblical foundation on how things should be dealt with.

    We need to better equip Christians how to deal with social justice issues.

  16. “Social justice” has come to represent a mentality and worldview that is extremely unbiblical. The Gospel in effect has social implications and impact, but that does not mean it is integral to the Gospel. As several have mentioned, the Gospel deals with a fallen ppl being reconciled to God thru Christ, not with placing spiritual expectations on a godless world.
    If you have not heard of Critical Theory, do some research. This worldview is the basis for modern social justice, and it cannot coexist with a Christian worldview.

  17. I’m listening, tell me the biblical way, I don’t believe there is such a thing as biblical social justice.

  18. There really isn’t a way to do so. Contemporary social justice is fundamentally a reinterpretation of Marxism, a very atheist concept at its core. There really isn’t a way for this to end well.

  19. Being a “socialist” is not God’s Way. When socialism becomes “enforced”, then it is communism, and communism is totalitarian at its core.

  20. Jesus was the Ultimate Social Justice Warrior. He consistently spoke for the poor, disenfranchisedand unwanted. His shunned the religious elites, who looked down their noses at those have nots. He LITERALLY turned over tables and whiled people who being taking advantage financially.
    If you wonder WWJD he would fight for the people!!!!

  21. All I know is me and Wifey DEFINITELY rocking’n those matching love bird suits at the next cook out tho.

  22. Jesus says this world is terminally corrupt and on death row. There is going to be sin and calamity and danger and deceit as a result, so don’t be surprised, expect it, and that Jesus reminds us He has overcome the world! John 16:33. Overcome sin, NOT every issue and problem that are results of sin, including social injustice issues. And 10,000 other issues affecting ALL people of ALL color. Like jealousy, lust, pride, hated, coveting, etc. Jesus never said, the Apostles never said, to worry about those social issues. Only the gospel saves. Only the gospel had power to change people. The gospel is God’s ONLY deliverance from all those consequences of sin and a terminally corrupt world…

  23. As long as the premise is NOT a sense of entitlement. i would love to have always been treated fairly. Equal justice under the law is not always going to be, but can be sought with a strong attorney and fair judge. An expectation of a perfect world is a lie. The world is not perfect for anyone.

  24. James 1:27
    Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.

  25. The BEST we can do absent Christ himself sitting on the thrown of David, is equal justice. Social justice is a euphemism for a form of tyranny. Force one group to be subservient to another…for any reason. If you find social justice at church, run as far and fast as you can. If only people paid attention to secular US history.

  26. the social justice that we see today is in fact, not justice (allie stuckey has a really good podcast over it). SJ invokes much manipulation, gas lighting, and virtue signaling. i think another component is that many churches (especially here in the bible belt) have fallen away from sound doctrine – many people have the mindset that holding sound theology is strict and that we should primarily love. but that’s the problem.

    i think if we, as the church, we’re to uphold doctrine, faithfully disciple our people, teach what is true and biblical, then naturally we would grow into a people who mourns over sin and trusts in God for justice. we can talk to kids about these things, i just think sometimes parents are hesitant to because they want their kids to figure out what they believe for themselves or they don’t want to push their beliefs on them, but, we must not forget that healthy conversations are possible.

  27. We as Christians should be defending and protecting people and changing the systems and biases that hurt others. Christ did.

  28. “Social Justice” is not a thing. “Justice” is a thing, and it’s a very good thing. But “Social Justice” has become a term like “Modernism,” it has a very specific meaning which has nothing to do with the words it comprises.

    So again, I’m all for “Justice.” But “Social Justice” is a plague on our society.

  29. My kingdom is not of this world. We will never solve societies problems. We can put band aids on our troubles but it will never bring total peace and reconciliation until the true King returns. Until He comes we can be faithful by abiding by His laws and living the law of love towards others.

  30. A Christian’s mission is to preach the gospel and watch The Holy Spirit work in the heart of people, not advocate for political and social reform.

  31. Depends on your brand of ‘social justice’? Of it’s looking out for the hungry and oppressed, the church should be leading the way.

    If it’s a way to enforce totalitarian thinking? We should teach our children how to think more effectively.

  32. It’s a good point. The ‘kingdom’ Jesus spoke of certainly has social justice components. If the youth pursue justice without the moral construct of the gospel they will just be tyrants of political correctness flowing in the wind and whims of the world. If they are rooted in the gospel then they will advocate the justice of God within His precepts.

  33. Jesus didn’t come to bring social justice he came to bring the Gospel to people so that they could go to a better everlasting place after this life?

  34. The responses to this thread about social justice are making me so sad. I am graduating from college next year to be a social worker and a therapist. Social justice is something that I study daily, so it puzzles me the responses some of y’all are coming up with. If only you guys could see the things I see everyday in the field. Your hearts would weep.

    It’s as simple as standing up for your neighbor, giving to the poor and needy, taking care of the widows and orphans, standing up for the oppressed. It’s really THAT SIMPLE. And WHILE we are doing these things we can share the GOSPEL with them. The two CAN and SHOULD coexist. To reach people- have you ever thought about serving them?

    Get up, go outside, and do something for your neighbor and community. We weren’t called to live our lives blind to the suffering of those around us. I felt a strong calling to social justice and missions right after being saved. Now I’m dedicating my life to fighting for those enslaved in sex trafficking, and bringing restoration and healing to their lives through counseling and sharing the gospel. Not everyone has to revolve their career around helping others, but everyone can and should do SOMETHING.

    “…the greatest of these is love…” “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” “Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, and plead the widow’s cause,” (Isaiah 1:17). There are countless others.

  35. The Bible is about “justice.”
    Anything that is “something” justice, is off track.
    Important to study it carefully.

    Social justice is essentially seeking to justify socialism from Scripture.

  36. Yes.

    One biblical approach to fleshing out a biblical account of justice in the New Testament is by looking at the theme of cruciformity (being defined by Jesus’ cross) throughout the gospels.

    To quote Michael Gorman in analyzing cruciformity in Mark,

    “this cruciform existence consists of (1) self-denial – losing oneself as the path to finding oneself – in witness to the gospel (8:31-34); (2) hospitality to the weak and marginalized, represented by children (9:31-37); and (3) service to others rather than domination (10:32-45).”

  37. Depends on your definition of social justice. As I understand it the concept is antithetical to the gospel. If we are seeking after it then we are not living like Christ.

  38. The Gospel has social justice implications, but we have to remember that social justice is not the Gospel. The Gospel is Christ crucified. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4.

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