What does it mean to BELIEVE? Jesus said “Believe and…

What does it mean to BELIEVE? Jesus said “Believe and you shall be saved”

For my part, I am a pastor’s daughter and went to Bible college. But I don’t think I really understood what belief in a biblical sense was until recently. I think I was more influenced by our Western culture’s views about belief – that something is objectively true. But even the Devil believes in that sense. And I know a lot of “believers” who think of it in the same way. Curious how many have seen this disconnect as well.
EDIT: the default is often to say belief is trust in Jesus. But I think we could ask the same question here: what is TRUST? And what is REPENTANCE? I think there is a key element missing when we discuss all of this. I’m sure many people know what element it is but, and this is my point in all this, I don’t think Christians (in the West at least) explain this very well. Curious to see your explanations of what REPENTANCE looks like and what TRUST in Jesus entails.

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