What exactly is “free will “? … and how is…

What exactly is “free will “? … and how is it free ?… To what extent ?… If any? … It seems to me that there are many different takes on it … I personally believe the will is anything but free .. Our wills before regenerating grace… are as much in bondage to sin as tbe rest of our being … In other words I believe the fall of man is complete …effecting every aspect of his being especially the will.

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  1. Regardless if we believe in free will or not, we should all affirm that our will is tainted by sin. Every Christian should also at least affirm that all of our “active wills” is in bondage with sin, meaning, without God’s grace and intervention, all that we actively do would just lead to sin

  2. It is real easy, go back to Genesis chapter 3 God gave Adam and Eve the choice to eat from ever tree in the garden except the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He gave them a choice of free will to choose to do what He told them or to do what they wanted, which is what they chooses to do, they chose their free will to go agains God, that is free will the will to chose to follow God or follow Satan

  3. Well if free will must include a lack of influence or limitations, then nobody ever had it. We are free to make choices. Those choices are limited and are influenced by things things which we may or may not be aware of, but we are not forced to make a certain choice, no matter how intense the pressure or influence.

    I think the question of free will is generally a question of responsibility. We are responsible for our choices.

  4. Free will is our ability to choose what we want – what we want depends on the condition of the heart. If our heart is sinful, we would make sinful choices; once our hearts are changed, then we will make right choices. In either cases, we are free to make them. The problem starts when we let the world define this word for us. Rather than understanding it to be our freedom of our choice, to them free will must be freedom from God and His sovereignty.

  5. I like how Jonathan Edwards explained it. Our will is always constrained by our nature. And just because we prefer to do something un-natural, not having that natural ability to do it doesn’t necessarily mean we do not have free will.

    To will something must have potentiality, because not having the natural ability to fly does not mean we aren’t free. The same with having a sinful nature. Having no ability to choose to follow righteousness does not mean we have no free will, since we still have the free will to make sinful choices.

    Even Augustine said that free will remain in tact – what we lost in the fall is our liberty (or libertarian free will). When man fell, we lost our desire or our heart for God and our will became biased to sin. So from that point on, sin is what we desire and not God – and we always choose to sin freely and willingly.

  6. I think the term is somewhat misleading …yes ig circumdtsncrs allow we are free to choose what we desire … The natursl man cannot desire God contrary to the Arminian view of the term

  7. Sproul refers to that as the humanist definition of free will. They are man centered and hates the idea of God controlling them. So free in their definition is freedom from God’s sovereignty. Once we let them define this word for us, then it becomes misleading. We have two definitions in our head and both parties talking about the same word yet meaning it differently.

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