What exactly is the Trinity? First of all, no where…

What exactly is the Trinity? First of all, no where in the Bible did it ever said God is three separate persons. God is the Creator of the universe. The Creator does not exist within the created universe and cannot be restricted by it. Thats is why we, His creations cannot see Him. Jesus is God manifesting himself to his creation within this created universe so that he can interact with us. The Holy spirit which cannot be seen, is simply God’s omniscience and omnipotence. Thats why Jesus said I and the Father are one and those who have see me has seen the Father. He was also prophesied in Isaiah 9:6 as the everlasting Father. God in the form of Jesus can manifest himself to many people all at once, He is not limited by space or location. He can manifest himself in as many ways He like all at the same time, like the Holy Spirit which dwells in us. He cannot be restricted by how man perceive Him.

God is One supreme being, there is no need for three separate persons

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