When God Takes the Lid Off

I rarely, if ever have spoken to something as direct as I am about to write, but I have been deeply stirred in my spirit, even to the point of being feeling nauseous  for the past two days. What is stirring in me is that the Holy Spirit has been showing me that he is getting ready to "take the lid off" things that have been hidden. I am speaking directly to my community, Galesburg and Knox County, Illinois. The lid, the covers are about to be removed and hidden sin is about to be exposed. It's not to be vicious or to hurt, but rather God is cleansing His house. People have been crying out for a move of God, but there has been sin in the camps of our churches, and before God will move and bless, he will always first call for a cleansing. Already within the the past 24 hours, I have walked into situations and the Holy Spirit has spoken a Word into my spirit and when I spoke it out, sin was exposed.  By no means am I daring to claim that I am the agent of exposing these sins. I believe God is going to begin speaking to his people and in the spirit, they will literally see the sin exposed around them. God is calling to His people, saying that NOW is the time of repentance for the uncovering has begun.