Where’s the Outcry Now?

When George W. Bush was POTUS, the media was crucifying him at every turn for the price of gas and how he was not doing something to bring the price at the pumps down. So, now I ask, where is the media today? If they do say anything, they are attacking oil speculators, "Big Oil" and so on. Why are they not pointing the finger at the POTUS now?  Our current President has clamped down on drilling here in the US while at the same time praising the offshore drilling in Brazil and pledging to give them Billions of our tax dollars to help them do what he has banned here in the US.  Do a little research and you'll find that the price of gas has climbed more than 75% during Obama's time in office, yet the same media that ripped Bush to shreds is giving Obama a pass. Welcome to Campaign 2012!