Who Do They Think They Are?

I'm really having a hard time keeping my attitude in check tonight, but I'm going to try.  You see see, I'm both happy tonight, and at the same time, I am as mad as this preacher can get before I blow my top.  I am happy because I was able to show some people the love, mercy and grace of Christ, by performing a wedding ceremony for a couple that I became acquainted with through a mutual friend.  This couple had lived together for going on two decades and have a family of 10 children. After all these years, they felt compelled to "make things right" in the eyes of the Lord.  And here is where I find the anger welling up in me.  They had approached several churches and pastors and each one had refused to marry them because they lived together and had children outside of marriage. They were told that to marry them would condone their living in sin all these years.
Excuse me? 
I mean, how dare anyone say something like that!
First of all, their goal was to put things right with God.
Secondly, would you tell any other person who was a sinner (hello?... all of us!) who came seeking God and to get their lives in order, "sorry, you are just stuck in your sin."  That is, in essence what was done to these people.  And the sad thing is... over the years I have performed marriage services for literally dozens of people over the years with similar stories.
I am appalled at this behavior. It is nothing short of spiritual abuse.
Especially for someone who was reared in the Catholic faith, they basically are telling people that there is no atonement for their sin.  Minister's who do this cheapen the Gospel and have ZERO comprehension of what the grace and mercy of Christ is all about!
First, I am thrilled that I was able to be there to minister to this family and tell them personally what the grace of Christ is all about and to tell them that if Jesus was physically here on this earth, he would commend them for taking this step. I commend them as well.
But to you ministers who think you have the right to decide who receives grace and who does not... Who do you think you are?!  I wonder, what Christ are you preaching? Do you understand the blood?  Have you ever read the words of Jesus, and if so, do you recall the parable of the vineyard owner who paid those hired in the 11th hour the same as those who had worked all day?  Like I said, I'm fighting with my attitude, but people like this make me absolutely sick, and I'll bet you make God sick too!
I pray you find the grace you need when you stand before the Lord!