Why Not?

I was talking with someone earlier today and they asked me what I'd like to see in my church this year, and they were blown away with my response. I told them that I'd like to see 50 people saved in our church and to be averaging 125 in attendance by Christmas. My friend said, "No, really... what are your real goals for this year?"  I told him that I was very serious, and that I'd like to see both of these numbers higher, but for the purpose of goals, this was what I was aiming at. He told me that I was dreaming.  

OK... so call me a dreamer; but I ask, "Why not?" I mean, why would it seem like a difficult thing to see less than one person saved per week? In a town of better than 30,000 people, is it difficult to believe that there are not at least 50 that we can reach with the message of grace found in Jesus Christ?  Is there any reason why our church could not double or triple in a year? I'm guessing that everyone in our church knows several who live in this community who need Jesus. Why then would it be hard to believe these goals.  Get radical with me for a minute... what if everyone in the church led someone to Christ this year? What if we got as excited about telling our friends about Jesus as we do when telling them about Glee or American Idol or the Super Bowl? What if?

And I say, "Why not?"