Wouldn’t Trade Anything For This Journey

As I was getting ready this morning an old song came into my spirit. The course of the song says, "I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now. Gotta make it to heaven somehow; though the devil tempts me and tries to turn me around. He's offered everything thats got a name, all the wealth I want and worldly fame. I couldn't, no I WOULDN'T, take nothing for my journey now." Those are powerful words. It is true that the devil will do anything and everything to get us off track. We must make up our minds to follow through with what God has called us to do. We must press forward and not allow ourselves to become distracted with ourselves. We must remember that this journey is leading us to a desired destination. Heaven is before us, and all of the wonderful promises of God. It will be worth all of our trials and troubles once we walk through those gates and into the presence of the Lord for all eternity. Let us make up our minds today that there is nothing more desired than that. God bless.