You are what you eat

Have you ever heard the statement, "you are what you eat?" If that is a true statement, then we are nothing but "walking crap." I can say that because this is my blog. Have you really ever wondered what we eat could be the very things that are causing us to be sick. I will tie this into something spiritual at the end, but first I want to cause us to think for a moment about our health.

In the last few weeks I have been really looking into the things that we place in our bodies from the food that we consume on a daily basis. All I can say is "No wonder health insurance is so high!!" Do you realize that we are promoting "bad health," and the health industry is loving us for it. I would like to recommend a book that Angela and I are reading together. It is a straight forward, biblically based book on the foods that God created for us to consume to KEEP us healthy. This is one of those books that you need on your shelf to continually go back to. It list great websites and meal plans to get started in a healthier lifestyle.

This book is a must read for those who have tried everything that they know to try and still have poor health. We can exercise all want, but if we continue to consume the foods that we do on a regular basis, we are not gaining any ground. This book will open your eyes to the things that are being injected in our foods that are causing us to have things like heart disease, cancer, and organ failure. It will provide you with the foods that God said was clean to eat for our health and those that he classified "unclean."

I know that many will say that those foods was just for the Old Testament crowd but when you get into the reasons that these foods are not to be eaten, you will see how we are placing toxin in our bodies that God never intended to be there. Has it ever occured to you WHY people lived to be 300, 400, 600, and even 900 years old in the Bible? Because they OBEYED God when it came to their dietary needs.

Here is a list of the "dirty dozen" foods that are the most popular and the least healthy things that we consume on a daily basis.

1. pork products (yes I know, I love grilled pork chops too.)
2. shellfish and fish without fins and scales (catfish, shark, shrimp, lobster...)
3. margarine and shortening
4. artificial sweeteners
5. white flour
6. soft drinks (oh no!!! not Mountain Dews !!)
7. white sugar
8. pasteurized, homogenized milk
9. corn syrup
10. imitation meat products
11. artificial flavors and colors
12. excessive alcohol

I look at that list and it makes me sick. How can a southern boy survive without fried catfish and sweet tea? Seriously, if you want to look at what God has to say about unclean food look at Leviticus chapter 11 and Deuteronomy 14. I truely think that when God classified certain things unclean for us to eat, it was because He knows how their digestive tract functions and the "crap" that stays in their body.

It is my opinion that if enough people would follow God's direction when it comes to our diet, we would then cause a ripple affect in the Healthcare industry that would drop the cost. It is amazing how we try to follow the commands of God when it come to living a holy life and being a witness for Christ but we neglect the fact that "our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit."

I am not lobbying against the healthcare profession. If people do not decide to take better care of themselves...that's their problem. I know that I have one life here on this earth and I cannot be effective for God and making a difference in other people's lives if I am not taking care of the body that He gave me.

Peace out................