You can’t be a Christian and Capitalist at the same…

You can’t be a Christian and Capitalist at the same…

You can’t be a Christian and Capitalist at the same time!

Here by Capitalist I am referring to monopoly capitalist, and Greedy Capitalist.

While people may own the means of production, and channels of distribution, and while any person, and groups, have a right to construct and own property. It is not only wrong but evil to be a greedy capatalist, have monopoly capital.

Clearly being a Christian is a paradox to being a monopoly capitist and having capitalistic greed.

This is so because, while the initial purpose of capitalism was to democratize the economy, the modern capitalist have shown to be selfish, unfair, corrupt, and abusive.

How can you be a follower of Jesus Christ and participate,if not perpetuate exploitation, inequality, morden slavery, robbery, and selfishness? These are the true characteristics of monopoly and greedy capitalism.

Christianity in its core governance, is a balanced system between theocracy (God’s Will, and rule) and democracy(Human Will, and power management). How many times has God blessed human to create wealth, to prosper, and to be delivered out of poverty?

This is dipicted very well by Genesis 1:28 ” God blessed them and said be Fruitful, Multiply, and have Dominion”. Clearly these blessings are fundamentally an economic blessing. We can infer, unambiguously that God blessed humans to produce, share, and use.

The core value of Christianity is love(greaters commandments). This implies that a Christian Economy is (should be) a love driven economic culture and structure. Eve n with venture Capitalist , or bank Capitalist, they should empower and develop others, and society with their capital.

Christ Economic Paradirm would be:
>To produce what is enough or what is needed
>To distribute fairly, equally, and properly
>To consume what is necessary

This does not suggest a classless or sameness society. Also this is not necessary socialism. However it is a balance between capitalism and socialism.Therefore, Christians can be a Social Capitalist, democratizing Economy, particularly through a “loving” manner of mobilizing and distributing Capital.

Since God is a creative and dynamic being, naturally based on the law of resemblance, Christian economy would be a unified economy, having a balance between “the market and the state intervention”.

The pillar of a Christian type of economy will be the “golden rule” do unto others as you would do unto you.

In other words monopoly and greed should be non- existent in a Christian Nation or groups. There will be a sharing of the means of ownerships of production between investors and labors.

Production Relations under Christ would be guided by cooperation and not contradiction between “employer” and “employees”, because they will be engaged in a love relationship of ownership, and constructive production.

Grace and Mercy will be an culture between diverse classes as they work to restore or to build, inspired by common purpose and mutual benefit. As result a Christ based economic has no place for monopoly capital and Capitalist greed. Hence I argue, you can’t be a Christian and a Capitalist at the same time.

Reece Phatudi
The Love Speaker and Spiritual Teacher

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