30 Sep 2023

Flash Flood Warnings cover New York City, flooding subways and streets amid torrential rain slamming Northeast
A life-threatening situation is unfolding in the New York City tri-state area Friday as heavy rains from the remnants of Tropical Storm Ophelia lash the already heavily saturated region, with “numerous” instances of flash flooding expected across the area.

Government Shutdown Alert: Moody’s Just Issued a BIG Warning on the U.S. Economy
Moody’s is warning that a federal government shutdown on Oct. 1 would likely result in a downgrade of its credit rating on the U.S. economy. This warning comes as the leading credit rating agency emphasizes the importance of Congress continuing to fund the federal government past the end of the current fiscal year on Sept. 30.

Mike Lindell Says MyPillow ‘Crippled’ By Major Credit Card Company
“They took our credit line from a million dollars down to $100,000…”

Biden Orders Border Patrol To Cut Barbed Wire Fences Holding Back Masses Of Migrants
Only five days ago, the Mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas issued an emergency order due to a huge influx of illegal immigrants crossing into the US from Mexico, and only a few days after that the latest border numbers revealed record migrant crossings in 2023 (over 2.2 million so far).  Despite the multitude of warnings since Joe Biden entered the White House, there has been no discernible effort on the part of the federal government to stop the tide.

Pakistan Probes Distributors of Roche Cancer Drug After Patients Go Blind
Pakistan said on Monday it was investigating two local distributors of Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche’s Avastin cancer drug after 12 diabetic patients injected with the drug went blind.

Air Vax — mRNA Delivered Straight Into The Lungs – No Jab Needed
Researchers have developed an airborne mRNA vaccine offering a vehicle by which to rapidly vaccinate the masses without their knowledge or consent.

  1. Fletcher Prouty: Oil is not a fossil fuel; it is the second most prevalent liquid on Earth 
    During an interview in 1994, L. Fletcher Prouty spoke about what petroleum is.  It isn’t what we think it is.  It isn’t a fossil fuel.  And it is the second most prevalent liquid on Earth, he said.

Is Google Rigging The 2024 Election? The Controversy Over Invisible Republicans
“Google is either the most incompetent search engine on the planet, or it is intentional…”

Are You Learning From History?
If you ignore and manufacture history, no matter how unpleasant that history may be, in order to fit your propagandizing narrative, you are never going to learn to avoid such events. History is a great teacher if you are willing to listen to its lessons and absorb them.

Springtime For Hitler
Giving a standing ovation to a former Nazi soldier is a moral stain, but sacrificing Ukraine in a geopolitical game while pretending to be its savior is a far greater one.

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