35. I am thankful for my NEW JOB

Yep, I've been a slacker in my postings as of late...and I really haven't meant to be---and I have a million excuses, but no good reasons.

But in a few hours, I will report for duty at Rush University Medical Center as one of their newest employees. Last Friday, I accepted an offer to become a full-time employee in the Guest Relations Department.

This HAD to be God. There's no other explanation for it.

After approximately 45 interviews this summer (from early April through last week), it seemed that GOD had just put a "stop" to everything that I was hoping for--and I might have to look elsewhere. My greatest fear was moving from my beloved Chicago to some other place. This was my "Isaac that had to go up the mountain" and see what God was going to do with "my sacrifice."

On Thursday, July 29th I was in my bedroom, talking to the LORD about "my Isaac" and asking HIM what the next steps would be. I was FLAT BROKE (less than $100 in my bank account), and knew that I would have to take immediate action of some sort.

Less than 30 seconds after I finished praying, my cell phone rang. My friend at Human Resources from Rush University Medical Center was calling, asking if I could come in the next day for an interview to a position which I had long sought---but there had also be hiring freeze affecting. Of course, I said "yes" and promptly planned to be there early on Friday.

Friday morning, July 30th I show up at the Rush Human Resources Office, thinking this would be the "run of the mill" interview.

Boy, was I ever so wrong! There would not be one interview, but THREE---and each of the department managers WANTED me, and wanted me as soon as I could start.

The HR employee bid me adieu (after I met with each of the managers individually), telling me that she would be in touch with me very, very soon....more than likely on the following Monday. Before I could get home on the bus, HR called, offering me a position. I was elated.

Absolutely ELATED....marvelously elated! (Of course this had happened before, but this time, it would stick...) I had been scheduled for my employee healthscreen for Monday, August 2. That occurred without incident.

On Thursday, August 5 I received a call from the Human Resources department informing me that a BETTER offer was on the table, and it was mine for the taking or rejecting. This would be a non-union full-time position, instead of the unionized part-time I had accepted previously.

Ain't God good? I'll continue this story later.