39, I am thankful for Men’s Fraternity…

Yep, going on SEASON THREE, "The Great Adventure", I am deeply involved with the Men's Ministries of The Moody Church, a program called "Men's Fraternity" www.mensfraternity.com

This is, WITHOUT HESITATION, the very BEST program for men's ministries that I have ever encountered. As you will see on the website, it is VERY ENGAGING...

And the men in this "adventure" are THRILLED that I'm involved also....

I'm the "Kitchen Chief" every Thursday morning. I'm always at The Moody Church by 5:15 EVERY THURSDAY morning (without fail) when "MF" is going strong. I'm the guy who decides what the other 75 (give or take a few, here and there) will have for breakfast every Thursday morning.

I'm the guy who makes sure all the food is ordered, prepared, served...and most importantly that GALLONS of COFFEE is available...I would not ever face these men without CAFFEINATING them first!

We are having our "Man-sized, MONSTER" breakfast this morning (I'll be at the church at 4:45 AM with several others arriving shortly thereafter to help with the preparations.) So the menu will be:

Homemade Biscuits with gravy
Scrambled Eggs
Homemade Hashbrowns
Fresh Fruits
Fresh tomatoes
Orange Juice

Ya'll come!