40. I’m thankful for "Skills"…most of the time…

My great friend, Dr Jackie Johns (www.jackiespeaks.blogspot.com) recently honored (and humbled) me by writing about his thankfulness for me. It was a very entertaining post, humorous, thoughtful, historical, and well....

I'll get right to the point: Cooking is not my only "skill" or ability--or at least I hope it's not my only skill/ability. But that seems to be the thing that always "rises to the top" when someone asks about "Phil Hoover."

Example: A very close friend of mine at The Moody Church was introducing me to someone new the other week. We were making pleasant talk, when my friend told the 'new person'--"Oh yes, Phil is a marvelous cook....make sure you get an invitation to his place some time soon." I grinned, and was heartwarmed...for a few minutes....But then I started thinking, "surely I can do other things OUTSIDE the kitchen....surely I can. I served in the Air Force, I attended Seminary, I have some decent musical skills, and I consider myself to be an intelligent being....is COOKING going to be my legacy with all the people who know me?"

Well, for now it will be.

The Executive Pastor pretty much confirms this. My friend, Dr Hutz Hertzberg, once told me, "Brother, we have musicians, and theologians, and teachers galore in this church....They are a dime a dozen...but NO ONE can run a kitchen like you can...you are the BEST in this church."

Where is God in all of this?