41. I am thankful for Sunday Mornings…

I have always loved the church family--or in my case, families. I was telling someone yesterday that the reason my local church means so much to me, is because this group of people (wherever it has been) is my "real" and "primary" family relationship base. Sunday mornings are the normal "gathering time" for the family, and I'm always delighted to be included.

I have almost always loved Sunday School. With few exceptions, I've always been involved in the Sunday School hour...and it happens at 8:30 a.m. at The Moody Church for me (www.moodychurch.org). There is a second Sunday School hour at 11:30 a.m. after morning worship....but I am an "early riser"--and so I do the 8:30 a.m. session.

I love being with God's people. I love seeing folks who are gathering in, greeting each other, and coming to worship Jesus!

I love shaking hands, hugging necks, laughing, crying, and sharing. I love the "touch" of people who genuinely care about me...and touching those people that also mean so much to me in so many ways.

I love the great congregational singing...the marvelous organ ministry of Dr Paul Satre, and the phenomenal piano ministry of my close pal, Scott Griffin. I love water baptisms, baby dedications, the public reading of the Scriptures--which we do responsively in our Sunday Morning gatherings...

I love the PASTORAL PRAYER....this is probably my "favorite" part of the Sunday Morning worship gathering...this is when my "earthly shepherd" brings the needs of the whole church to the GREAT SHEPHERD on my behalf...there is just something about hearing my pastor "pray"...that strengthens and blesses my soul beyond description.

I love Sunday Mornings.