5 Stages Of Effective Vision Transference

If you are going to successfully pass on a new area of vision to your student ministry, you must walk through each of the stages one at a time and in this order:
1) The Personal Stage. This is the stage where the Lord puts the vision firmly in your heart through careful prayer, study and practical research. Long before you ever get it out of your mouth, it should marinate for a long time in your heart. “out of the “abundance” of the heart, the mouth speaks.” In other words, your heart, head, and hands should spend many many hours, days, weeks, and months allowing this new shift to get “in you” before it comes out of you.
2) The Pastoral Stage. This is where you submit your new area of vision to your Senior Pastor, seeking his support, input and refinement. Staying under authority is critical with vision casting from a secondary leadership position. “di”vision is not a God-thing. The word “di” actually means “2.” Your vision should always fit in your pastor’s vision. If it doesn’t, it’s probably not God’s vision for that House of Worship. If it does fit, then make sure you can show direct lines of connection between what your pastor is trying to get done, and your new vision approach. Rebellion is not an option.
3) The Leadership Stage. This is when you meet with your key staff and volunteer leaders, giving them the inside scoop on what you’re about to introduce. Everyone like to be “in the know.” There is nothing more demoralizing to key leaders then to hear a “new” shift with the “commoners.” It’s much harder to come off the mountain alone, then to have a entire leadership buy-in. Take the time to get it to your key influencers. They can be the “Paul Revere’s” of your student ministry.
4) The Student Stage. This is when you present your idea to your students in your weekly meeting. Approach your students with a “I believe this is where God is leading us” approach verses a “thus saith the Lord.” Trust me. After years of demanding change and nothing happening, the softer public approach is much more of a morale boost.
5) The Community Stage. This is where you create city-wide awareness for your vision by promoting it effectively with the schools, the media, and the business community. This is where most people blow it. How do you market this new vision in a way that people outside of your church can buy-in. Walking billboards are HUGE in advertising. Find a way to get it on a shirt, on stickers, on cars, on tattoos, whatever it takes to get this new vision out.

Hope I helped,