Tampa Business Executives Launch National Christian Business Magazine

Tampa Business Executives Launch National Christian Business Magazine

Tampa Bay area Christian business leaders John Faulkner and Richard W. Hayes announced the launch and initial distribution of TwoTen Magazine. The national Christian business resource magazine is distributed via print, web and iPad editions. TwoTen is ... »

3 Leadership lessons from Mark Driscoll

via ALAN RUDNICK Leadership is not about the leader. Leadership is about leading people. One of Mark Discroll’s friends recalls: “The Mark I knew was a pretty humble guy, one of the first guys to set up chairs at a meeting, always about giving credit to other people… At some point, Mark started believing his [...] »

Christian Leadership Alliance Announces Summer Online Learning Modules

Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) today announced the launch of four June online learning modules in the fields of executive leadership, resource development, financial management and board governance. These interactive 10-week online modules are cre... »

Caribbean Leadership Conference Held in Bahamas

At the recent Caribbean Leadership Conference in Nassau Bahamas, Assistant Director of Church of God World Missions John D. Childers formerly installed Bishop Ishmael Charles as the Field Director for the Caribbean Region following the charge delivered... »