6 Things To Bring To Every Brainstorming Meeting

Brainstorming meetings have the potential to create brand new programs, outreaches and systems that can cause your ministry to explode. Make sure you show up with the following in order to see the results you want:

1) Bring your faith-filled, wide-open imagination.
If you are not open, well rested and excited, why would your team be??

2) Bring at least 3-5 of your key leaders or students with them same kind of imagination.
TRUST ME!! The last thing you want in a brainstorming session is a negative or unimaginitive person

3) Bring a large tablet and 3-4 colorful markers to record all your ideas without prejudice.
It's a "storm" no idea is bad.

4) Bring your most important ministry priorities for discussion and planning.
Creativity is a lot less spontaneous and random than we realize. Stay on task otherwise you'll be wasting hours on stuff that is irrelevant and probably irreverant, as well. Experience is talking.

5) Bring a $20.00 bill as reward to the person with the “best idea of the day” to provoke participation.
High expectations should be matched with high rewards!!

6) Bring a notebook for each person to record their assignments at the end of the session for follow-up research.
What's the point of the meeting if there is nothing to leave and do? What's the point of the people in the room to create something they can't go to work on, as well??

hope i helped,