7 Reasons To NOT Take Your Wife Hiking On Your 19th Anniversary


  1. Labor

    Too much like work. It's not very relaxing! 

  2. Heat

    Because hiking is not often conducted indoors or in colder times of the year (at least, not for us).

  3. Sweat

    It effects her differently than it does you.  There’s makeup and stuff.

  4. Restaurant Closing time

    Closing time for the only restaurant close by is inconvenient. 

  5. You Get Rushed

    Because #4, you get rushed and miss wonderful natural attractions and moments that you otherwise would enjoy.  You cannot run and chat at the same time.

  6. Hills that you MUST climb!  

    What goes down, must come back up. Also, if #4 applies, there is added difficulty and stress 

  7. No Lovin’

    Chances are at the end of the day, you  are expecting to get some... well ?❤️!   And you have almost killed her trying to get back in time for dinner.  (Obviously, we could single this down to 1 reason..)