A Cheap… Worthless "Gospel"

A Cheap… Worthless "Gospel"

The recent book by a well known pastor who I will not even dignify by mentioning his name here makes the claim that everyone ultimately will be saved, with many being saved after they die. I'm astonished at the number of Christian's who are eating this stuff up! People... are you thinking? If everyone is ultimately saved, whether they accept Jesus or not, then that would have to therefore mean that it was not necessary for Jesus to die. Yet, the Father saw fit to send him to the earth to suffer the most cruel form of death imaginable. What kind of God would send his only son to die, if it was not necessary and everyone was going to be saved anyway? Further, what kind of God would allow countless men and women to die for the cause of the cross of Christ as martyrs, if it were not necessary?

This is a cheap imitation, and it will lead even more souls to eternal damnation.
I am so offended of anyone who would dare preach or teach that it is not necessary to believe on Jesus for salvation, or that those who die without having accepted Jesus are just going to be ushered into heaven because of love. Love came, walked this earth, bled and died and rose from the grave so that we might have eternal life, if we believe and accept his blood as the atonement for our sin. Yes, love wins... if you will accept it. But the choice is up to each one of us to make, while we are alive. 

Don't cheapen the price my Jesus paid for our salvation.
This new gospel is cheap and it is worthless.

I leave you with the words to one of my favorite songs.

Your love endured the cross
Despising all the shame
That afternoon when midnight fell
Your suffering cleared my name
And that sin-swept hill became
The open door to paradise
The cost was great yet you paid the price

You paid much too high a price for me
In tears and blood and pain
To have my soul just stirred at times
Yet never truly change
You deserve a fiery love
That won't ignore your sacrifice
Because you paid much too high a price

You grace inspires my heart
To rise above the sin
Of all the earthly vanity
That seeks to draw me in
Then to tell a jaded world of love
That truly saved a life
A love that paid
Much too high a price