A Church That Loves Starbucks

Life Pointe Church's people love Starbucks. In fact, we are borderline obsessed. For a while, when we were having Saturday night services, we would do our best to be out of service and make it to Starbucks before they closed.
Eventually, we we so acquainted with the staff there, we had their number programmed in our phones and we would call and have them make our drinks while we were on our way.
My favorite drink is the Cinnamon Dolce Latte'. It's awesome! however, if I'm overheated, I love the Caramel light Frapaccino with a shot of esspresso.
I've seen where Starbucks stock is soaring. I can see how. They charge a whopping $4.28 for one of them latte's. So, we have decided that we'll refer to Starbucks as Fivebucks!