“A DOR Update”

Greeting to all my beautiful ladies,

The Main Event was the best ever, we always say that don’t we? It was so good seeing all of My Daughters of Rachel that came to our prayer time. It is so good to be back with all of you. When you are at any of the conferences please join us in our time of prayer before each service. Check at the resource tables and they will direct you of the time and location.

At our prayer time we discussed sending e-mails to you on a regular schedule. For the month of November you will hear from me and each month a different Daughter of Rachel. We have ladies scheduled through 2016.

We welcome all of our new ladies that have joined our prayer network. What a blessing to have new ladies join our team.

We pray for daily:Aunt Bea

The Voice of Evangelism Ministries, and OCI Ministries, Perry & his family,

The VOE and OCI staff and their families,

Protection for the Stone Family,

Our churches and pastors,

Daughters of Rachel members and their families,

National, state and local government leaders,

The Peace of Israel and Jerusalem

And Salvation of lost souls.

We also pray for PROTECTION, PROVISION AND DIRECTION FOR Perry Stone Ministries.

We The Daughters of Rachel fast every Thursday and spend extra time in prayer on this special day for this ministry. If you have health problems, please use wisdom. Pray and ask t he Lord to give you fasting directions. Just fast something, you know God will bless all fasting.  I ask for all of us to start praying for the next project that the Lord leads Perry into, that the funds will be supplied and debt free before completed. I thank you.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming conference that we attend. May God’s richest blessings be yours daily.

I love each and every one of you, (You are my family)

Aunt Bea, Daughter of Rachel Director