A Word to Anonymous Commenters.

My goal with this article is to address the [mostly negative] comments of several anonymous commenters.

The purpose of Wordsmitherd is to say what's on my mind. It usually amounts to satirical world commentary, humorous anecdotes, and lighthearted guides to various aspects of life. Sometimes, I say striking things because I feel they are necessary to say something that needs to be said.

All that being said, anyone who reads this website is subjecting themselves to my opinion. Whether they agree with it or not is their prerogative, but reading this website subjects one to my opinion, by their choice.

I am writing this from an open, honest background. I am Matt Smith, a student at Lee University. Hopefully I [intentionally or unintentionally] say useful or intelligent things from time to time, and I hope that these things are helpful to you, the reader.

If anyone is genuinely offended or upset by the things I say, I am really easy to get into contact with. Facebook, email, whatever. I am more than willing to address legitimate concerns from readers. This does not necessarily include disagreements, for the reason that you are entitled to your opinion in the same way that I am entitled to mine, which you are choosing to subject yourself to.

Now, there are several anonymous commenters who continuously throw stones at me via this website's comment function. It's easy to throw stones when you are hiding behind a curtain of anonymity. I have attempted to deal with these commenters via logical argumentation and rebuttal, and via simply ignoring their comments, thinking they might cool down and lose whatever vendetta they have against me.

These attempts have been fruitless so far. Thus, I turn the same offer towards these anonymous commenters that I turn towards everyone else who reads this website: I am willing to address legitimate concerns, not including disagreement, if they come talk to me or otherwise address me as themselves, not as anonymous stone-throwers.

I am now making an official statement that until these anonymous commenters reveal their identities, I will refuse to continue spending time, effort and energy responding to their comments. Until these commenters follow the Biblical mandate to bring their concerns to me personally, I will not argue with them or otherwise spend time on them and their attacks.

The ball's in your court.