Becoming Angels on Yom Kippur

Becoming Angels on Yom Kippur During Yom Kippur, “one becomes angelic and is thus closer to the divine,” says professor Elliot Wolfson. Yom Kippur,... »

Non Denominational Pentecostal Response

ly recognizing their differences, explicitly assert the authority of Scripture from its divine inspiration. The chief value of the report stems from its great... »

Pentecostalism And Theological Hermeneutics Evangelical Options

51 PENTECOSTALISM AND THEOLOGICAL HERMENEUTICS: EVANGELICAL OPTIONS by Robert K. Johnston* It is an overstatement, Pentecostal/charismatic osmosis.”‘ however movement as having a “theology Yet... »

Why Many Will Miss the Return of Christ

Watch the latest Manna-Fest episode with Perry Stone. This episode was filmed in Cleveland, TN. #perrystone #mannafest #prophecy Perry Stone or anyone from our... »