Advanced Methods of Gospel Communication

There is great discussion going on in the church today about adjusting older styles of communicating the gospel and finding newer ways to reach people. Some have, sadly, put their method in the place of the message. They seem willing to die for the method they are comfortable with. We are called to DIE for the message, if need be. However, the method must change with every culture and every generation, while keeping the message unchanged.

Tim Stevens is the Senior pastor of Granger Community Church. In his book, Pop Goes the Church, speaks to this issue:

If you don’t offer something people need, they won’t come. If the people don’t come, you can’t teach them the truth. So an effective church is busy identifying people’s needs and letting the community know you have some help they should consider. If you speak their language, there is a better chance they will come to a service. If they do that, the odds increase significantly that they will hear how much they matter to God, and they just might respond.

If the church of Jesus Christ can offer the world help in dealing with these real needs, we can see the world change! If we can scratch them where they itch, then after they accept Christ and begin to grow in their faith, we can teach principles they don’t even know they need yet, such as memorizing scripture, becoming systematic in their giving, and learning how to pray.

What do you think?