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Christmas in Cleveland

Christmas in Cleveland

I have had difficulty adding my Christmas pictures to this blog. »


This morning, my husband said to me, "We need to clean off that refrigerator." I responded with,"This is a place for memories." And it is.There are things on that refrigerator that has been there since my daughter was in elementary school and then after her children were born. She turns 40 on Tuesday, so that tells you about how long a couple of those things have been on those ... »

The Day After

Well, here it is, the Morning After the Day Before. And it is snowing to beat the band!! I just checked our local TV station's weather page, and some places here in the Tidewater area are going to get 6-12". Already, there is 4" outside our door, and it is supposed to snow all day. As WAVY put it on their page, "This is the big one."So that means that we are snowed in, and as y... »

@jonathanstone let it snow, let it snow, let it snow … in Cleveland #ourCOG

@jonathanstone let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ... in Cleveland #ourCOG »