Back in Bama and no clue what to do

As many of you out there already know, I'm back in bama. If you have been following the Powell saga to this point, you may remember that Holly took a full-time job teaching english at SEU. She went down and began teaching and left me in Huntsville to tie up loose ends before coming down. The weekend before I was to move down to join her, we get a phone call that literally changed our lives. It was our adoption agency with some big news. (You can read about this part on our adoption blog peace for your journey) Long story short, we had 24 hours to get down to Guatemala. When we got there we had this beautiful little 3 day old girl waiting on us. The problem is that the same reason that we went down to Guatemala (shakeup in the governmental procedures for adoption) now made it too risky for us to move to Florida. There is one part of the adoption process called PGN which is known for giving "privios" which are requests for further or reproduced legal documents. We cannot produce our documents that were certified in the state of Alabama if we are living in Florida! So, Holly and i found ourselves sitting in a hotel room in Guatemala with a little girl and the understanding that we could no longer continue with the move to Florida.

Here's one little twist that you will find amusing: the same weekend that I am sitting in my hotel in Guatemala is the same weekend that the Church was giving Holly and I our farewell party! Not only that, but that following Wednesday was my going away party from the youth group (we drove straight from the airport to this party. We didn't even have time to go home first and we live on the Church property!) So, as we sat in Guatemala we had no house to come back to and no job. Talk about a fun week. To save you some of the details, we talked to the Church and they agreed to take us back on staff here which gave us our house back and one of our jobs. Honestly our heads are still spinning from the quick turn around. Thanks for praying for us during this time. It's been a wild ride and I am sure will get even wilder before its over with!