Bent But Not Broken

I had to post this devotional written by my beautiful, smart, wise, and powerful wife! I'm so blessed, honored, and proud to have her in my life! Be blessed!

Based on Psalms 34

Written by Sherin Mathew for This Is My Song devotional series:

My life testimony is not a victory story about how I am spared from troubles and tragedy but how my Father carries my family and I through the midst of our darkest nights. I look back and wonder how I make it through each season. I realize it is when I get up each day, I CHOOSE to praise Him and trust that He’s got my life in control, no matter the circumstance, be it sickness, death, uncertainties of life or even lighter hardships such as difficult day at work or the everyday busyness, it is then that I am filled with immense strength, faith and boldness to face the day and push through. As I keep my focus on Him every moment and not be distracted by the discouragements life throws my way, I can trust in His promise that He will always keep my face radiant with His glory.

During seasons of drought, it is harder, almost impossible to keep our chin up, shoulders back and face each day. But verse 5 reminds us that as long as our eyes are fixed into His, we should have no reason to doubt His promise that He will make ALL things, the victories and the wish-it-never-happened seasons work together for our good. Our faces will automatically emit the radiance of ‘the peace that passes all understanding’ and we can rest assured that the hardships of this life are never meant to put us to shame.

We cannot truly say we know what something tastes or feels like unless we have actually experienced it. Just as important as it is to cling onto His life giving promises, it is equally enriching and empowering for us to remember the miraculous ways He led us to our mountain tops and sustained us in the miry clay seasons.

So when we feel discouraged, despair sets in and when life seems unfair, before feelings of anger, shame and bitterness takes root in our hearts and minds, let us make every effort to choose to remember that our Lord is close to the broken hearted and will save those crushed in spirit (vs 18). Although He does not guarantee us a trouble free life, He does promise to walk by our side and will not allow one of our bones to be broken (vs 20).

Which takes me to 2 Corinthians 4:8 we are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair. Our hardships are not meant to destroy us, but to build us up from the inside out. He may allow us to be bent, but will not let us reach the point of breaking.

May the name of Jesus always be our song we sing in the night.

Amen and God bless!