Can two neurotics can be happily married?

Good afternoon everbody!

I’m getting off today’s blog a little later than usual / it’s been one of this days / not bad, just different.  Thursday is the day that we keep both David Lee and Ella Grace so that pretty much throws the day up for grabs! 

Speaking of grandchildren, I’d like to offer my excited and heartfelt congratulations to Pastor Larry Nivens and Sheryl upon the birth of their very first grandchild – a healthy little boy named Owen Lawrence and of course to the proud parents Mark and Jessica and all the Nivens team. 

My new quotation for the day is as folllows:

  • “Here is the question. Shall we make our own plans and choose our own way, and then ask the Holy Spirit to prosper us therein, or shall we yield ourselves entirely to the Spirit to shape and guide our life according to the divine pattern? God does not force us into His way or constrain us into His truth.” _Adoniram Judson Gordon, Classic Sermons on The Will of God

 I am afraid that I have spent far too many years trying to make good decisions in my own strength and then asking God to bless my decision; I was wrong, that is the way of the world.  At this stage of my life it is extremely important to me that I make “God” decisions and not just good decisions.  I have discovered that God decisions are worth devoting my life too while good decisions are no better than how good I am at a particular time and place (and that is usually not that good!). 

Making God decisions requires a slower pace of life.  God will not be hurried into showing you what He wants done.  He is more interested in doing a work in you than in what you are doing.  Also, making God decisions will require that you adopt a biblical view of success. 

Now there’s you some homework…discovering God’s definition of success for your life.    



P.S. Here are a few more good quotations.  Notice in particular the last quotation.  Sonja put it in her journal a year ago today.  I wonder if that was a personal testimony!

  • “Some people worry about change, while others prepare for it.” _David Bach, The Automatic Millionaire, p. 136
  •  “Men show their character in nothing more clearly than by what they think laughable.” _Johann Wolgang von Goethe, 1749-1834
  • “Two neurotics can be happily married.”  - Nathan Ackerman