Homemade News Jam, Part Who Knows?

All the Wordsmitherd addicts must be going through DT's right now, since I haven't written in over three weeks. This is mostly due to an influx of schoolwork and other crap demanding my attention over Wordsmitherd.Thus, today's post is another one of t... »

A Mother’s Love

(Derived from watching THE PASSION)There is something about a Mother’s love for her children. From the day of conception, there becomes such a love for that child that she would do anything for it. As the months go by, the love grows, until one day t... »

Enjoy Your Life

I'm a little behind in giving an update from Ecclesiastes, so I thought I'd combine a couple of chapters so that I can (hopefully) post some content relative to Passion week. This week, we will (very briefly) summarize chapters 5 & 6. We contin... »

On the subject of wine and bread…

On the subject of wine and bread…

FROM WWW.ROBALDERMAN.NET On the subject of wine and bread… Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted his thoughts on the Evangelical Church and Communion. I found his post thought-provoking, noble and well spoken, though it apparently caused such a fervent response that he was urged by the leadership of his church to take it [...] »