Williams Nominated General Overseer

Orlando, FL–Mark Williams, current second assistant general overseer, was nominated to the International General Assembly on the first vote to serve as the next General Overseer of the Church of God. Nominating the general overseer was the first ... »

Thanksgiving, the fifth

The Lord is my Shepherd, Psa. 23:1As this Thanksgiving holiday comes to an end, I have to say that I am most grateful for my salvation. The grace of God that saved me is the greatest gift in my life, and one for which I will be eternally grateful, no p... »

Tuesday Twitter: 2012 #ourCOG Archive

Tuesday Twitter: 2012 #ourCOG Archive

@maylynda 31-Dec-12 Pledge+with+me+to+read+the+entire+Bible+in+2013+#ourcog http://readinitiative.com/yes , I can. @TravisJohnson73 30-Dec-12 Friendship & ministry w/ @brianhunter1 for 16 years – Proud of he & Kristen for finishing 10 years @genesischurchtv well! #ourcog @bibliata 30-Dec-12 Religion and Social Networking – http://ourcog.org/religion-and-social-networking/ … #ou... »

I got off Facebook in order to save you.

I pulled the trigger on Old Yeller at 6:55am this morning. After months of deliberation and angst, I deactivated my facebook account. Without question, there has been no other small decision in the history of decision making to carry such an absurd amount of weight. It was if a simple move to streamline communication in [...] »