Charles W  Conn Lecture 06

Charles W Conn Lecture 06

Charles W. Conn lectures on Church of God history at West Coast Christian College in 1982.

Thanks to the foundational work of Charles W. Conn and his establishment of the Hal Bernard Dixon Jr. Pentecostal Research Center, many more historical sources are now available, and there is an increased interest in Church of God history. As a result, knowledge of Church of God history is continuously expanding and interpretations of Church of God heritage are occasionally refined.

The latest edition of Charles Conn’s “Like A Mighty Army” is available at Pathway Bookstore ( The most comprehensive study of early Church of God history is Wade H. Phillips’ “Quest to Restore God’s House – A Theological History of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee): Volume I, 1886-1923, R.G. Spurling to A.J. Tomlinson, Formation-Transformation-Reformation,” and it is available at

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